Augustus V6.1

In this page you can find all the security details and audit reports relevant to Augustus V6.1

Security Improvements

Augustus V6.1 incorporates additional security measures to improve security and reliability, including:

  • Full re-audit by leading security firms Augustus V6.1 has undergone a rigorous audit process conducted by five leading security firms: Certora, Hexens, Peckshield, Hacken, and Astrasec. These comprehensive audits confirmed that Augustus V6.1 meets the highest security standards. In addition, Augustus V6.1 received a formal verification by Certora, providing an additional security guarantee and making ParaSwap the first DEX aggregator to achieve this formal verification.

  • An additional mechanism for accelerated threat response Augustus V6.1 is designed to be fully pausable, allowing swift response to potential issues. This means that if any suspicious activity is detected, it can be immediately halted.

  • TimeLock mechanism for Admin Actions Except for Pausing, all Augustus V6.1 contract admin actions are subject to a TimeLock, which makes it resilient to immediate changes.


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