API v6.2

Introduction to ParaSwap API v6.2

ParaSwap v6.2 has been released! See what's new here: https://twitter.com/paraswap/status/1803435422011498551

To switch to v6.2, you only need to pass &version=6.2 to /prices & you're good to go!

ParaSwap V6.2's main goal is to provide the best possible gas-optimized protocol for order routing. The V6.2 comes with significant improvements in terms of smart-contract architecture that achieve both best-in-class gas efficiency and scalability through modularity.

To use V6.2, you need to pass &version=6.2 query param when calling /prices. The process for swapping remains the same:

  • Call GET /prices to retrieve an optimal price for a given pair & amount.

  • Call POST /transactions for retrieving the Transaction Object that includes the calldata

  • Alternatively, you can use GET /swap to retrieve both the price config & Transaction Object.

You can also use the JavaScript/TypeScript SDK for easier integrations: https://github.com/paraswap/paraswap-sdk

  • No longer need to approve a different smart contract for ERC20 tokens. Augustus V6.2 is the only contract you need to interact with. More details here.

  • More control over partner fees: should you choose to take a surplus fee, you can cap it to 1% of the trade volume as protection for your users if it applies to your specific case. You can also sent partner fees directly to the user. Take a look at new params (isCapSurplus , isSurplusToUser , isDirectFeeTransfer) params in /transactions section.

  • Flat fees are capped at 2% as a security protection for users.

  • excludeDirectContractMethods is no longer supported in /prices, it's replaced by excludeContractMethodsWithoutFeeModel if you want to make sure all swaps can monetize.

Supported methods:


  • swapExactAmountIn

  • swapExactAmountInOnUniswapV2

  • swapExactAmountInOnUniswapV3

  • swapExactAmountInOnBalancerV2

  • swapExactAmountInOnCurveV1

  • swapExactAmountInOnCurveV2

  • swapOnAugustusRFQTryBatchFill

  • swapExactAmountInOutOnMakerPSM


  • swapExactAmountOut

  • swapExactAmountOutOnUniswapV2

  • swapExactAmountOutOnUniswapV3

  • swapExactAmountOutOnBalancerV2

  • swapOnAugustusRFQTryBatchFill

  • swapExactAmountInOutOnMakerPSM

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