Key Features

The protocol goes beyond ERC-20 token limit orders and enables, among others, ERC721 NFT limit orders, peer-to-peer, RFQ, and OTC trading.

  • Top gas efficiency: ParaSwap’s limit orders offer the most gas-efficient transactions in the market. Our benchmark shows that ParaSwap limit orders are 6% more gas efficient than 1inch and 8% better than 0x.

  • Greater flexibility for users: the protocol allows not only token-to-token trade but also token-to-NFT, multiple token-to-NFT trading, and NFT-to-NFT swap. Moreover, it allows users to buy & sell ERC721 in the token of their choosing, independently of the other party’s token choice.

How can it be used? Web, mobile, and API

ParaSwap Limit Order Protocol can be accessed via ParaSwap's web and mobile apps and through ParaSwap Limit Orders API.

Limit orders are created and stored off-chain, and signed according to EIP-712. They are recorded on-chain once filled.

Supported chains and tokens


  • Ethereum

  • Arbitrum

  • Avalanche

  • BSC

  • Fantom

  • Optimism

  • Polygon


  • ERC-20

  • ERC721

  • ERC1155

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