Paraswap Docs
Become a Market Maker
ParaSwapPool is available on multiple chains such as Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, and Avalanche. It allows Market Makers to bring liquidity to ParaSwap users by providing 0 slippage and MEV resistant swaps.
Market Makers can quality for ParaSwapPool staking and earn PSP tokens in exchange for their volume. The staking system is described here.
To become a Market Maker on the ParaSwapPool network, you'll need to expose a pricing REST and/or a Websocket API. We expect the Market Maker to maintain a liquidity of at least $1M worth of ETH and ERC20 tokens.
To qualify for ParaSwapPool staking, the Market Makers should reach at least $1M in total volume on ParaSwapPool. The details of the reward distribution model are described here.
API integration docs are available here.
Please fill this form in order to request for Market Making in ParaSwap.
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